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Rule Of Three presents: "Flexin" - EZT

Merry #Flexmass -
RX3 & Eazy Terrestrial give you one of the best presents you could ask for... A banger to play right through till 2015!

Head to Youtube to check the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKaSl9XiwE0&feature=youtu.be


Throwing up signs like a banner
Tell a bitch please like I got good manners
I'm high like salutations
Goodbye ground elevation
Pack louder than sirens
Eyes like fire hydrants
stay lit like the sun wow
Mama gave birth to a gun pow
And I grew to be Nuke boom
I'm blowin up it ain't fluke
Premeditated murder
Spit fire boy I could broil burgers
Haha yeah skew it on the bar-b
sippin henny at the bar be-side me a fine bitch look like a bar-b tellin me how hard my bars-b how wet her panties get when she hear me spit Hit her wit the hammer time cuz im to o ligit to quit
Hit ya'll wit the highs hit wit ya'll the lows stack my money high get it on low
Bottle to my mouth but I ain't a baby not a ocean but I keep it wavy
Not an airplane but I stay fly
Not under oath but I can't lie
I come in peace but my past violent
My niggas in the streets co-sign it
Nigga we beastin over here
All my niggas eatin feasting over here
Flexin like T-Rex jaw
Not a doctor but yo bitch say ahh
FLEXIN!! tony babtista
Look in my freeza Kush and sativa
Errnight i party like I live in Ibiza
And I'm hard body like I never eat pizza
On a strict diet pussy and wack rappers
All my niggas hostile like back packers
In a foreign real loud in the front FLEX
That mean I got pack in trunk
Skerrrrrrt puffin on that puuurp
Passenger seat bad bitch alerrrt
FLEX!! My Pockets well built to count my money ima stilts and all deez bitches on my diiiiick got me feelin like wilt
You tryina do it big ima always do it bigga
You call her baby they call me baby sitta
I'm fly like dragon
I swear I'm the best a bragging
And I don't really need to rap I trap
Come through talk cool on the track
You look like you trying real hard
You need to cut it out like a sword
I make it look fuckin Eazy
That's why yo bitch fuckin Eazy
Offa the tweet I put my dick on her meat
Off the istragram I got me a instaslam
Off the Facebook my dick got her faceshook
Off that tinder playin bitches like a kinder surprise open wide lets play my dick is at the park yo mouth is the slide. Weeeeeeee!!!! Goin all the innnnn yikes!
Keep 10 hunna I'm a mufuckin G
The way nigga run it call houssain B.... OLT I'm out here breakin records suicidal reckless cuz I want a Bigga necklace
My mama think I'm out my fuckin mind mama you always right
I might die on bike cuz I ride till I die
I like to take hikes and I love get high
Ima trippy hippy killin shit you don't like it suck a dick u can get blown away cuz I ain't wit that sucka shit!
I wish a nigga wood like a geenie in a tree I'm way too hood ain't no fuckin wit me I'm way past good I'm more like great niggas wanna hate cuz they way too late like they ain't gotta watch sand or a clock I'm the one to watch I'm the man on my block nigga I'm talkin bawse shit bitches see me they like awwww shit niggas wit em be like awww shit.


released December 25, 2014
Produced by: Downtown Music
Mix & Mastered by: DJ Kemo



all rights reserved


Eazy Terrestrial California

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